Fred M. – Bellehaven

I purchased my Stonecrest Home (a townhome) a little over a year ago in the Bellehaven Subdivision off Highway 92 in Woodstock, Georgia. I was looking for a two-story townhome with garage at same level as kitchen & great room and located somewhere between downtown Roswell and downtown Woodstock but still in Cherokee County for the property taxes. I would like to thank you for your professionalism, hard work, and dedication throughout he entire process of building my new home. I was able to make it exactly like I like it. The attention to detail and the workmanship was outstanding. This whole experience with Stonecrest Homes was outstanding and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is interested in a new home.

Get a personal look at Fred’s home and hear more of his journey with Stonecrest Homes here.

Ashleigh H. – Carmichael Farms

A Stonecrest homeowner since 2017, Ashleigh loves her oasis in Carmichael Farms. The first time she pulled into the driveway and saw her new home she couldn’t help but fall in love with the large front porch and white modern farmhouse exterior. See more of Ashleigh’s testimonial here.

Jeremy G.

On behalf of Nell I would like to thank you for your professionalism, hard work, and dedication throughout he entire process of building our new home. We absolutely love the result and are very impressed with the craftsmanship and the willingness on behalf of the builder to “make everything right”. As this is the first home we have built, we were a little uncertain as to how everything would go. However I can say without any reservation that I would do it again, but ONLY with this team. Thanks again to you Cornel, and Kristy, for everything you’ve done to provide us with such a remarkable place to call home. Please pass along the same to Charles.

Heather F. – Harmony on the Lakes

It’s great to be a Stonecrest Homes Homebuyer!

Heather, a recent Stonecrest Homes homeowner, is certainly satisfied with her decision of purchasing her beautiful new home. She recently described her homebuying experience with Stonecrest Homes as “great” and “nothing could have been done better. The communication went well throughout the entire process.” When asked what drew her to Harmony on the Lakes Palisades, Heather stated that she had “heard good things about it and because it is one of the #1 communities in Georgia.” Heather loves everything about her new home, especially “the layout and the upgrades like the crown molding.” It was wonderful to hear that her home “fits her.” We are excited to welcome Heather into the Stonecrest Homes homebuyer family and wish her the best in her new home!

Traci S. – Eagle View at Prominence

The builder has great taste in style that is very much aligned with mine, so it’s no surprise I was drawn to the home. It was love at first site as soon as I saw that kitchen! I was very impressed with the style and workmanship of the home. I had looked at a lot of houses and had a lot of choices, but this one definitely caught my eye. The builder didn’t overlook modern details like the granite counters, stainless steel appliances, titled backsplash, dark wood flooring, stairway spindles, pedestal sink, decorative wainscoting, 9′ ceilings, brick face on the exterior, just to name a few. The home itself was well designed. I like the openness of the floor plan, large kitchen with generous counter and cupboard space, large closets, and large bedrooms. As far as the sales process, the Stonecrest team was friendly and responsive, and easy to work with. I felt like they were very accommodating, and more than fair about addressing issues and meeting special requests.

Pete and Hazel S. – Cochran Farms

The entire experience with Stonecrest Homes has been wonderful. It is clear that the agent, construction supervisor, and builder all have a tremendous pride in their work. Our home exceeded our expectations in quality and finish. As there are with any home, we found some cosmetic issues. The builder followed up on all items and fixed some we didn’t even see. We would highly recommend buying a home in Cochran Farms if you’re looking for an exceptional location, quiet setting, and in the middle of many amenities.

Patricia C. – Harmony on the Lakes

There are many things that draw a buyer to a Stonecrest home. For Patricia, the decision to buy her new house from Stonecrest Homes was a combination of the beautiful Harmony on the Lakes community and the home itself. She loves her new home, especially “the large pantry, kitchen island and spacious master closet”. She was drawn to Harmony on the Lakes for the “amenities, variety of age groups, landscaping and great up-keep”. Patricia said her experience with Stonecrest Homes’ project manager was “great” and that she would recommend a Stonecrest home to her friends. Stonecrest Homes is proud to welcome Patricia to the Stonecrest Homes homebuyer family, congratulations on your new home!

James and Teresa M. – McIntosh Place

Stonecrest “made things simple”

James and Teresa, recent Stonecrest homebuyers, were surprised at how easy the home buying process with Stonecrest was! Congratulations and welcome to the Stonecrest Homes homebuyer family! Click on the link below to see their video testimonial!

Jennifer L. – Harmony on the Lakes

StoneCrest Homes is what drew me and my family to Harmony on the Lakes. I remember the first time I walked into one of their newly completed homes. The outside was appealing, and the inside featured, as far as I was concerned, a perfect layout. I found exactly what I was looking for.

Since this particular home had been recently purchased, my husband and I decided to have StoneCrest Homes build us a house just like it. The agent and the builder were very helpful, knowledgeable and patient during the presale process. It was a dream turned reality to be able to pick out everything from carpets, cabinets to countertops for our new home.To all my friends’ surprise, it was finished as promised and on time! Apparently a builder who can accomplish this is hard to find. Haha

The attention to detail was impeccable. Everything was given thought, from the standard options to keep your attic cooler right down to all the screws in the electrical faceplates being positioned vertically … Every single one! I can’t tell you how many times someone has commented on the beauty and workmanship of our home. From friends and relatives to satellite/cable/home security installers! To top it all off the closing experience was exactly as expected – painless and with no surprises.

The home buying experience with StoneCrest Homes was near perfection, and I would (and have) recommend them to everyone. We love everything about our new home!